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Classes & Activities

All members and care partners are welcome to join our weekly programming!

There is no cost for discussion groups, classes, activities and most exercise programs offered through the BPA. This is possible due to the generosity of our donors. I hope you will join us soon for one of these opportunties!

Questions? Email BPA Executive Director, Laura Soldato

Classes & Activities

Join Our Classes and Events

Power for PD

Mondays at 1 pm | Crestwood Christian Church

Power for PD is a group exercise class that combines aerobic and physical therapy exercises together for a great workout!  Care Partners are welcome in this class.

Crestwood Christian Church Gymnasium, 1882 Bellefonte Dr, Lexington, KY 40503

Power for PD

Loud Crowd

Tuesdays at 11 am | Virtual

The LOUD Crowd is a state-of-the-art national program designed to help persons with PD, by training a person to complete a series of simple exersises that strengthen the voice and improve speech clarity and swallowing. It is still meeting virtually.

For more information, contact Speech Pathology Department at (859) 260-6129 or email Heather directly for the link at

Loud Crowd

Drums Alive!

Tuesdays at 2 pm and 3 pm | Saint Luke's UMC

Drums Alive! is an active class that combines music therapy and physical therapy together in a program specifically designed for Parkinson’s patients and their care partners. Drums Alive! uses movement, music and drums to engage those with PD hopefully helping with balance and coordination.

Level 1 will meet Tuesdays at 2 pm and Level 2 will meet Tuesday at 3 pm. Level 2 participants could attend the Level 1 class if they want. Level 2 will be geared towards more ambulatory participants, whereas Level 1 will be more appropriate for those with higher support needs.

Drums Alive

Aquatics Class

Wednesdays at 2 pm | Cardinal Hill

The Aquatics Class is a water aerobics class for People with Parkinson’s Disease and their care partners.

Cardinal Hill Pool, Entrance D

Tai Chi

Fridays at 1 pm | Crestwood Christian Church

Tai Chi now meets on a permanent basis Thursdays at 1 pm. Tai Chi is an internal Chinese martial art practiced for defense training, health benefits, and meditation. It is highly recommended for people with PD. Care Partners are welcome in this class.

Crestwood Christian Church, 1882 Bellefonte Dr, Lexington, KY 40503

TAI chi

Sentimental Journey Choir

Thursdays at 2 pm | Saint Luke's UMC

Sentimental Journey is a therapeutic choir for people with PD and their care partners. It combines voice and breathing exercises within the music therapy class. Care Partners are welcome in this class.

Sentimental Journey Choir

Harmonica Basics

Thursdays at 3 pm | Saint Luke's UMC

Harmonica Basics is a new class to BPA’s circuit. The class will be a different way for members to work on vocal strength, oral muscular health and breathing technique.

Harmonica Basics

Parkinson's Exercise Program (PEP)

Thursdays at 6 pm | Cardinal Hill

PEP is a high-energy group exercise class designed for highly functioning persons with Parkinson’s and tailored to their specific needs. Participants must be able to move without the help of an assisted device. Care Partners are welcome in this class.

Cardinal Hill, Entrance E, Outpatient Therapy Center

Rock Steady Boxing at HITS Fitness

Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 10:15 am

The Bluegrass Parkinson’s Alliance has a partnership with HITS fitness to offer scholarships for members who participate in Rock Steady Boxing. Contact Laura Soldato for more information at 

Rock Steady Boxing
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